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Establishing a transparent supply chain to grow a sustainable brand for an international market

Understanding the vision


An Asian home fragrances brand wanted to develop a range of eco-friendly products which reflected the culture and heritage of Asia. The business had ambitions to be the first Asian brand of its kind and wanted to establish an international presence.


The business had grown organically in Hong Kong with a simple operational structure. Central to its proposition were sustainable, eco-friendly products of exceptional quality.


To ensure these values were maintained, sales and production functioned with heavy oversight from the founders.

Taking a holistic view


BRIS Consulting worked closely with the founders and their leadership team to prepare a business plan addressing: fundraising; sales and marketing; talent acquisition and retention; as well as operational strategy.

We facilitated a thorough analysis of the organisation and its market to guide the brand’s positioning and highlight any obstacles.


In order to achieve its goals, the business needed to evolve without losing its USP. A transparent and trusted supply chain was crucial to building the brand and creating reputational capital.

Delivering the brand promise


BRIS Consulting established a rigorous end-to-end operations function to rival existing home fragrance players. We devised a scalable structure to ensure all relevant segments of the supply chain were qualified and a regular audit was established to maintain high standards.

Processes were set up to manage quality and integrate sustainability at all points including post-sales.

We recommended sharing the supply chain footprint as part of the sales and marketing approach and developing an e-commerce strategy to drive profitability.

BRIS Consulting advised recruiting for shared values and training for skills to eliminate personnel as a barrier to scale. In doing so, the business would benefit from an environment of brand advocates where its values permeate all channels.

With our support, the business was able to scale and achieve its ambition to become an international brand.


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