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Managing the complexities of scale to meet demand and facilitate new product introduction

A global leisure and lifestyle business with operations in three regions was struggling to meet demand. The business benefited from a fantastic marketing team and boasted an innovative product range. After gaining international media coverage and securing contracts with mega retailers, demand surged. But the business was struggling to keep up.

Since launching, the company had grown and continued to release new products adding to its range but also its complexity. The ambitious leadership team were weighed down by mounting pressures while missed delivery deadlines caused internal friction and reputational risks.

A bottom up approach to understand the root cause


We investigated how the barriers of scale manifested among the company’s people, strategy, operations, finances
and customers.

We ran hands on working sessions across the three sites to map out current processes and understand where the
challenges lay.

Next, we surveyed key personnel using validated methodologies to gain insights into the culture of the organisation. One-to-one discussions provided qualitative inputs and corroborated the findings.

Overcoming overcommitment

We identified a lack of understanding of the operations function throughout the business. This led to a disconnect
among functions and insufficient investment in the processes, systems and people.


The company culture was driven by the product and impacted by a muddied vision from the top.

From marketing engine to a well-oiled operation


BRIS Consulting was embedded within the organisation and empowered to make strategic decisions on behalf of
the business. From our network, we introduced HR and Finance consultants to provide expertise and greater
support for leadership in these areas.

We put in place systems and measures to drive operational excellence and shift the culture from product- to
customer-focused. This was backed by a company reorganisation, training and talent development.


We coached the leadership team to define clear objectives and invest in key strategic programmes to achieve long-term growth.

By utilising our operational expertise, we advised the business on actions to take to address margin pressures and
competition. In turn, generating shareholder value and empowering leadership to decide the future path of the


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